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Where great work is born.
And desperate gimmicks die.

So you want to take your career as a creative to the next level? Well it takes a lot more than want to get a job in this industry. It takes passion. It takes skill. And, above all, it takes work. If your plan is to land a job by wowing a few people with your wit and ever-popular bar tricks at a networking event, then you should probably go ahead and close this tab. But if you’re ready to get your hands dirty to show some of the biggest names in town you’ve got what it takes, then you’ve come to the right place.

NEXT is a low-cost, four-week portfolio enhancement program where you’ll take one campaign from a creative brief to a super-comped, book-ready piece. And you’ll have some of the industry’s most well known (and well connected) talented helping you along the way. Not to mention, we’ll be posting your work as we go. So you’ll get great work and even better exposure.

2017 Spring session application deadline is FRIDAY, MARCH 24.

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A Letter from Brian Suter

You just got out of another interview. You assume it went quite well. They even said, “We’ll get back to you.”

Then you wait. You double-check the resume you handed over just to see if your contact info is correct. And then you wait a few more days.

“You’re all ready for the real world. You’re gonna be a rock star.” That’s what your college professor said on graduation day.

“Your portfolio is beautiful!” That’s what your mom said.

“I’d hire you in a second. Totally badass, man.” That’s what your friends said.

So why aren’t you getting a call back from any potential jobs? Because your book sucks. You’re not getting called back because your “amazing portfolio” is really a giant train-wreck. In college, “student work” meant fun, exciting, breaking the mold. Outside of college, “student work” means suck, super suck, and suck to the nth degree.

That was me. I left college expecting every agency in town to literally duel to the death in hopes they would be so lucky to have me work for them. I sucked. No, I super sucked. So I started over, again. Then failed, again.

I was getting desperate. I even thought about getting another internship just to whore myself out. Fortunately, there’s this nifty portfolio program called NEXT. And, like any trusty pimp, NEXT took me in. NEXT gave me love. NEXT touched my creative side, and it was magical.*

The NEXT program was, by far, the best networking experience that’s available in town. And it’s cheap. All you need to do is put in some effort. Not only do you get to meet some pretty amazing creative directors and mentors, you get hands on experience presenting your ideas. My well-spent time with the NEXT program got me to where I am today. (I’m serious. Without the networking that NEXT provided, I wouldn’t have met one of the mentors who introduced me to his creative director.)

So if you’re sitting at home, wondering why you haven’t landed that new gig yet, do yourself a favor—give NEXT a shot. It can only make you better. I can’t promise NEXT will get you a job, but it’ll open some doors that were once locked.

*There was no actual touching. I embellished that.

Good luck to all who participate.



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