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2013 Spring Session Teams


Erica McCary

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Kendall College of Art & Design, and working as an in-house designer for Global Forex Trading, Erica relocated and found her new home at Burns Marketing in 2011. Since then she has worked for a variety of clients — from global brands like Freightliner and Seagate to small-town restaurants like Pints & Quarts Bar and Grill. Her expertise in typography, brand development, and user experience design has helped her bring an engaged and conceptual perspective to her role as a designer and art director. Erica’s work has been recognized by her parents as well as competitions such as the ADDY Awards and the Creative Smackdown.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/ericamccary

Thomas Fowler

When not writing, Thomas A. Fowler can be found working as an Integrated Producer at Vladimir Jones, a full service ad agency in Colorado. While he travels across several campaigns, his largest body of work can be found with Xcel Energy’s Business campaigns. He is working as an Integrated Producer with the eventual goal of becoming a copywriter. He writes to fulfill a lifelong dream. Fueled by little sleep and an addiction to caffeine, he writes so that his wife and newborn daughter can see what can be accomplished through hard work, dedication, and surrounding yourself with intelligent, creative artists.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts with Writing and Journalism Minors from the University of Northern Colorado. Fowler will be graduating with an MBA, in an area of specialization of Marketing, from Regis University in May of 2013.

As a creative nerd, Fowler also loves to write commercial mainstream fiction with a science fiction bent. He is actively working with an editor from Houghton Mifflin on “Current,” his first full-length novel about a young widower and eight crew members fighting for survival at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in a submerged renewable energy transmission station. He is an active member of both the Pikes Peak Writers and the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Fowler is the leader of a growing RMFW critique group helping writers of multiple genres.

Fowler hopes the NEXT Creatives program will allow him to merge his advertising and creative writing experience to construct engaging narratives in advertising. Follow his latest achievements at www.thomasafowler.com.

Andy Garcia

My name’s Andy. I’m a designer and art director. I am a nerd and obsess over a lot of dumb things. I’m here because not only am I blindly passionate about what I do, but I just really enjoy doing it. When I’m not complicating my life with more work, I am also a musician in a heavy metal band and and ex-professional fighter (I still train to keep myself in shape though). Also, I am very enthusiastic about alcohol. Also, coffee.

Portfolio: Coming Soon



Tyler Vandesande

A constant consumer of knowledge, experience and occasional purveyor of wisdom. I eat, sleep, and breathe design and quite often find myself waking up after a heated dream about fonts and layouts. I am also an avid outdoorsman and there is nowhere I would rather be than somewhere in the mountains camping, hiking, snowboarding, or anything active and fun. I spend a great deal of my free time driving in my truck getting myself intentionally lost just to enjoy the experience and to learn something new. I am also a strong believer in being diverse and knowing a variety of different skills, as such I find myself learning a new skill or technique for something daily. This helps me to be a very good problem solver and I pride myself highly on being able to overcome any problem thrown my way. I am also able to use my experiences to give me a different perspective than that of many of my peers. This often allows me to come to a unique and strong solution to problems. When design is involved (and it usually is) I also find that these experiences help me to “cut-the-fat,” if you will, and come to a simple solution that fits the mood and needs of the project perfectly.

Portfolio: www.vandesandedesign.com

Meghan Sauer

Creativity is in my blood. I’ve always been an artist and constantly push myself to think of ways to move people’s hearts… as well as transform their minds. My brand strategy and copywriting always starts with “Why.” (This is ultimately what inspires people to action). I’m ready to find somewhere to land and spread my wings! Somewhere where I can truly make a difference and be part of an awesome team that’s like family! Been freelancing for a while now, but really took my skills to another level at Miami Ad School. I am a passionate outgoing person that enjoys working out and experiencing new things… Spontaneity is the spice of life! Check out how I think and some cool work I’ve done at: brainstormbrandshop.com Looking for fresh perspective and someone who’ll commit to your agency? Hit me up. Focussing on ideas and solving problems is what I do best.

Portfolio: brainstormbrandshop.com

Katie Codner

With more than 10 years of experience using Adobe Creative Suite, my design software skills are excellent. I am proficient in both online and print design. I am a hard worker. I am very dedicated to the work I do and thrive in a collaborative environment.

As a Graphic Designer, my objective is to bring my easy-to-work-with personality, clean design aesthetic, love for logo studies and excitement for the design process to a collaborative team and a company I can grow with.

Portfolio:  Available Soon



David Ursetta

“Reigning from Boulder, David just received his bachelor’s in advertising as a Buff this past December. Although a college grad, he continues to wait for signs of facial hair while embarking on his journey to join an industry full of Mad Men. DJ, a young gun to say the least, is curious, and hungry. His interest in movies and music often appear in his dialogue, speaking in quotes and lyrics. His passion for advertising lies in copywriting. He dreams in headlines, and sometimes forgets about the pen hiding behind his ear. He seeks to one day find his potential, and throw it behind him. Call it constructive, call it harsh, he enjoys criticism without a sugar coating. Why? Because what motivates him are not his successes, but rather his failures. In turn, he finds that failure leaves room for opportunity, and opportunity leaves room for nothing more than creativity.”

Portfolio:  Available Soon

Amanda Weaver

“A soon to be graduate with a masters in advertising from the Academy of Art University, I am an art director driven by creative and engaging ideas. I moved to Boulder in late 2012 from my home state of Oklahoma. I received my bachelorʼs in film after focusing on art direction and learned that working and living in LA wasn’t for me. I see being chosen for NEXT Creatives as an opportunity to grow my network, skills, and push my creative process. A loner by nature, I strive to be open to new experiences and people because I do not ever want to stop learning or living from whatever or whoever I come across.”

Portfolio:  Available Soon

Sarah Foley

“East Coast born and bred, Sarah drove out to Colorado in her pickup truck after graduating from Syracuse University in May 2012. As a graphic designer, she cares just as much about the idea behind the design as she does about making things that are aesthetically pleasing. Both left-handed and left-brained, she finds that the idea has to inspire before the design can follow. Careful planning & strategy has always been integral to her life, and she rarely goes a day without making a list. Design is her spontaneity, her creative release, her cathartic outlet, and she can often be found at her computer rocking out to her Ratatat Pandora station (mainly because she likes to sing along to songs that actually have lyrics, and gets easily distracted by this). She’s super excited to be working with her team, to be inspired by her mentor, and to be awed by the rest of the NEXT Creatives.”

Portfolio:  Available Soon


Kelsey Fritz

Kelsey Fritz is an Advertising major and rising senior at CU Boulder with an emphasis in Technology Arts and Media, as well as an emphasis in Classics. Kelsey is a convert from the news editorial world, pleased to have found her niche in copywriting. Kelsey will be the copywriting intern at Karsh Hagan this summer. Kelsey loves a good read, and is sure to be found always in matching socks with her laces tied tight.

Portfolio: www.kelseyfritz.com

Garrett Combes

Garrett Combes just completed his junior year at CU Boulder as an Advertising major and Technology Arts and Media Minor, with an emphasis in Film. Garrett is studying art direction and is excited to begin his final year at CU in the advanced creative class. Garrett likes design, art, film, and all things clean and nice. If you’re looking for someone to chat with about Jurassic Park or just a really great whistler, Gary’s your guy.

Portfolio: wwww.garrettcombes.com

Tu Phan

Tu Phan is a rising senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Tu, a lover of both language and design, is a Linguistics and Advertising double major, with a Technology Arts and Media and French double minor. Tu is counting down the days to begin his art direction internship this summer at BBDO SF. Tu’s love of web design and art direction comes second only to his love of fashion, and, of course, corgis.

Portfolio: www.tuphandesign.com